24 Full From of Computer Related Terms

led Full From and 23 other Computer Related Terms:- Aj ki hamari is post me 24 Full From of Computer Related Terms ke bare me jaanege. ye hamare life me use hone wale aise worlds hai jo sayad hi apko pata ho iski full meanings kya hoti hai.

led Full From and 23 other Computer Related Terms
“led full from and 23 other computer Related terms”

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What is Led full form and other 23 computer Related terms

  1. LED         – Light Emitting Diode
  2. GPRS      – General Packet Radio Service
  3. GSM        – Global System For Mobile Communication
  4. GUI          – Graphical User Interface
  5. KB            – Kilo Bytes
  6. G.B           – GigaBytes
  7. HTTP       – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  8. FAT          – File Allocation Table
  9. ISP           – Internet Service Provider
  10. ISO          – International Standard Organisation
  11. IP             – Internet Protocol
  12. IDL          – Interface Definition Language
  13. IC             – Integrated Circuit
  14. IBM         – International Business Machine
  15. CDMA     – Code Division Multiple Access
  16. CPU         – Central Processing Unit
  17. CU            – Control Unit
  18. ALU         – Arithmetic Logic unit
  19. ATM        – Automated Teller Machine
  20. BIOS        – Basic Input Output System
  21. CRT         – Cathode Ray Tube
  22. CD           – Compact Disk
  23. CAD        – Computer Aided Design
  24. RAM       – Random Access Memory
  25. ROM       – Read Only Memory

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