Types Of Operating System In Hindi Full Information

Hy Friends Our Last Post We Talked About What Is Operating System And This Post We Are Going To Talked About Types Of Operating System In Hindi. There Are Various Types Of OS Witch Are Developed According To User…

Types Of Operating System In Hindi

Types Of Operating System Concepts In Hindi

1. Single User And Multi User Os                          ( Types Of Operating System In Hindi)

OS In Witch At A Time Only One User Can Work Called Single User OS . And In At A Time Multi/Single User Can Work Called Multi User Os……

Wah Os Jisme One Time Me Ek User Work Kar Sakta Hai Use Single User OS aur Jisme EK Hi Time Me Ek Se Jyada User Work Kar Sakte Hai Use Multi User OS Kahte Hai.

2. Single And Multi Tasking Os

OS In Witch At A Time Single Task Can Be Performed/Run Called Single Tasking OS. And In Witch At A Time More Then One Task Performed/Run Called Multi Tasking OS.

Wah Operating System Jisme Ek Time Per Ek Task Ko Run Karaya Ja Sake Use Single Tasking OS. Aur Jis Os Me Ek Time Me Ek Se Jyada Task Ko Run Karaya Jaye Use Multi Tasking Os Kahte Hai.

3. Real Time Os                                          ( Types Of Operating System In Hindi)

Its A Multi Tasking Operating System. Witch Main Function Is To Execute The Real Time Operations.

Yah Ek Multi Tasking Os Hota Hai. Jiska Main Work Real Time Application Ko Execute Karna Hota Hai.

4. Time Sharing

In This Technique For Any Large Program Distribution Of Resources Of Computer Are Done In Slices. Its Increases Processing Speed For Processor.

Time Sharing Process Me Bade Programs Ko Computer Ke Resources Ka Distribution Time Slices Ke Adhar Per Kiya Jata Hai. Isse Processor Ki Speed Increase Ho Jati Hai…


Last Words

Now Ab Ap JAAN Chuke Hai. Types Of Operating System Ke Baare Me . Ager Apko Meri Yeh Post Pasand Ayi To Isko Share Kar Sakte Hai. Apne Friends Ke Saath……


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