Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer And Non-Impact Printers

Computer me printer ek output device hota hai Aur Aj Ki iss post me ham Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer And Non-Impact Printers Ke Bare me janege. Printer ka use Computer me kisi image ya text ko hard copy ke roop me print karne ke liye Use kiya jaata hai. there are 2 Types of printer in Hindi

Types of Printers - Impact printers And Non-Impact Printers

  • Impact Printers

aise printers jo print karte time bahut noise karte hai use impact printers kahte hai. is technique me images ya text ko paper me print karne ke liye machine pressure ka use kiya jata hai. printers ki yah technique type writers ki tarah hoti hai.jisme ek hammer use tuch karta hai jiske impact se characters solid from me paper me print ho jaate hai. There are 5 Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer

1.. Daisy Wheel Printer

iss printer me ek wheel ki help se printing ki jati hai. yah Wheel Daisy ke fuloo ki tarah dikhai dete hai islye isse Daisy Wheel Printer kahte hai. Is printer me jitne chinh lage hote hai utne hi spots uske Wheel me bhi Lage hote hai. Aur Sabhi spot me ek characters hote hai. jinko motor ke jariye guma kar characters ko paper per print kar diya jata hai.

2.. Dot Matrix Printer

iss printer me characters ko print karne ke liye dots ka use kiya jata hai. iss printer me mettel ka base hota hai jise head kahte hai. is head me steel ki pin lagi hoti hai. isko instruction CPU Dwara milti hai. aur Is Printer ki Speed 40 To 400 Characters/second hoti hai.

3..  Drum Printer 

Yah ek belnakaar drum ki tarah hota hai. isme kafi band hote hai aur sabhi Characters ke liye ek Hathoda (liver) hota hai.jisme drum speed me ghumta hai aur characters ko print kar deta hai. iss printer ki speed 300 se 2000 line/minute hoti hai.

4.. Chain Printer 

Is printer me ek chain lagi hoti hai. jo 2 tarah se ghumti hai. Aur Characters ko print kar deti hai. Isski Printing Speed 400 se 2500Characters/minute hoti hai.

(Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer And Non-Impact Printers )

5.. Line printer

Impact Printer me Line printer last printer hai. isme ek line ko ek bar me hi print kiya ja sakta hai. iski Speed 20 se 80 line/second hoti hai. iski printing speed paper per bhi de-pend karti hai. iss printer me spacial paper jo electrostatic charge hota hai uska use kiya jata hai.

  • Non-Impact Printers

aise printers jo print karte time noise nahi karte hai. use Non-Impact Printers kahte hai iski quality and speed impact printing ki tulna me jyada achi hoti hai. There are 2 Types Of Non-Impact Printer in hindi.

  1. Ink-Jet Printers

iss printer me nozzle ke thru paper per ink ko spray kiya jata hai. isme 4 nozzle hote hai, jink use color printing me hota hai.ye printer jyada noise nahi karte kyuki inme hammering nahi hoti hai.

Advantage – (1). High quality Printing

(2). More reliable

(3). Make Less Noise

Disadvantage – (1). More Costly

(2). Slow Speed compare to Laser printer

(Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer And Non-Impact Printers )

2.  Laser Printers

Yeh Non- Impact Printers hote hai. jinme characters ko banane wale Dots ko Create karne ke liye Laser Light ka use hota hai. Ye Printers At A Time ek page ko Create karte hai. Laser Printing ke Thru special characters, Graphical and Chart Graph ko print kiya jata hai.

Advantage – (1). High Resolution (Normally 600-1200DPI )    (DPI = Dots Per Inch)

(2). very High quality printing

(3). Support Defferent Front And Characters

(4). Stainless Printing.

Disadvantage – (1). More expansive then ink-jet

(2). Large and Heavy in Size.

Last words

Aj Ki Iss post Types of Printer in Hindi – Impact printer And Non-Impact Printers  Apko Kaise lagi issme maine Impact printer me  Daisy wheel, dot-matrix, drum, Chain aur line printers ke bare me bataya hai. aur non-impact printer me ink-jet aur laser printer ke bare me bataya hai…


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